Created by John Goodwin and Stephen Lewis

Scratch3D is a 3-D game design extension currently under development for Scratch.  This extension empowers Scratch users to create and think in three dimensions, with natural and realistic lighting, perspective, object creation and physics that simulate real life.

Scratch Is a visual based programming language developed by MIT's  Media Lab's Lifelong Kindergarten group. Scratch allows user to create fun and interactive programs using code blocks the user can drag and drop into place. Scratch's simplicity and easy of use make it an ideal introductory language for kids.  

Not only does Scratch3D allow Scratch users to create fun interactive 3-D games; it also introduces the user to basic fundamentals of programming and computational thinking.  Scratch3D is an engaging and exciting way to introduce and inspire the next generation of computer programmers to the magic of creating games and stories using computer simulated 3D space and 3D geometries.