The World is in 3D.  Now your Scratch code can be too.  
Prizes: Make!Sense Bords and Sensor Set.


  1. Go to and start coding in 3D using a combination of Scratch and Scratch3D blocks.  
  2. Pick from 3 levels, beginner, intermediate, and advanced.  
  3. Click on examples on the right and start remixing.
  4. Save your file from SratchX site and send submission to:  Include your name, age

A panel of judges will choose the 20 most creative and innovative designs. 
The winners will receive a Make!Sense board and sensor set.  
Make!Sense is a plug-and-play system that makes it easy to use sensors in any coding project, game, science experiment or invention.


Prizes: Make!Sense Boards and Sensors

5 Beginners Prizes
Make!Sense Max and Basic Sensor Set ($68 value)

5 Intermediate Prizes
Make!Sense Max and Advance Sensor Set ($78 value)

5 Advanced Prizes
Make!Sense Max and Expert Sensor Set ($128 value)


Scratch 3d Developers

Architectronics, Inc. develops hardware and software for STEM education, science and physical computing.  We created the first set of 3D coding blocks for Scratch.  The examples are FREE and available on the experimental Scratch Extension website


Tips and Tricks

  • ScratchX works best using Chrome browser.  
  • Go to the Scratch3D documentation and forum for help. 






Click on images below and start remixing Scratch3D files.


Hello World click to remix...

Hello World
click to remix...

Dominos Falling

Dominos Falling




Cube Fountain click to remix...

Cube Fountain
click to remix...


Race Car click to remix

Race Car
click to remix